How do I get out of my 'MUM RUT' and yes girl, this is a thing - welcome to motherhood.

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How do I get out of my 'MUM RUT' and yes girl, this is a thing - welcome to motherhood.

Do you remember life pre kids?

Remember waking up after hitting the bar last night, or having that peaceful sleep without babes waking you up through the night, or at the dawn of the morning. Do you remember when you got to wake up, have a shower, do your hair, have your makeup and breakfast finished and be ready by 8am and off to work, stopping at your local cafe for a takeaway coffee?


This is what I'm going to talk about, how to get back to that feel good on the daily, but this time with the kids. So I'm going to quickly tell you a quick brief about me pre Kehlani (Even with Nyah for 3 years); I used to be Store Manager, styling men in suits & casual clothing. I was a "stylist" so to speak, so every single day I had to LOOK THE PART. (Which is funny, because mens fashion I can do, babies/kids fashion I can do, but my own is a complete rollercoaster because I cannot for the life of me 'do female')...

So let's talk about you, this is more for the mamas who are SAHM or for the ones who get a few days at home (because with no escape, or little escape from the home) it is super hard to get out of that 'mum rut'.

There are days, and I mean days (that nearly spread into a week) since having Kehlani that I have found myself not getting out of my pyjamas, my baggy t-shirt and tracks. I can go weeks without doing my makeup and hair, and that mum bun or high pony is starting to snap my hair because it's been up so much these last five months, and even more so because of this new Covid-life.

I posted this picture yesterday, I had so many messages on instagram (which I was not expecting at all) asking me how I do it, or how I manage to 'dress up'.. Well truth is, I don't - My partner gave me an hour to myself to go do my hair, my makeup and get ready to take a happy snap of how I felt in my new outfit.
Which then got me thinking....

"Why don't I get to feel good everyday?"
Did having kids takeaway my chance to feel this way each day? Well, the answer is NO. (Feeling good doesn't always mean hair, makeup 10/10 outfit - it could simply mean shower, some moisturiser and freshly brushed hair - whatever is your vibe mama. YOU DO YOU - but I do suggest no wine before 10am). I started putting together a little bit more thought and working out a way (which lead us to this blog post) in which we as mums can really try to feel good each day.
1. Get out of bed earlier than the kids Whilst I know this isn't ideal and a lot of us treasure our sleep. But a shower takes a few minutes, to brush and style our hair can take say 5-10 minutes and basic makeup or even just some skincare can take 10 minutes.

2. DO NOT get on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok (whatever your vibe is) before 10.30am. I say this because what do we all do when we wake up, we sit there on our phone 'scrolling to see what we've missed or using it to wake up'. When we're having our coffee, do we take longer just to sit there and scroll? This time can be invested into ourselves a little more, just to give us that better start to the day.

3. If you miss the morning dash to the bathroom before everyone wakes up... Here are some other times to squeeze in your DE-RUT mama time, and I say so many because all of your babes ages differ - wait for them to be eating breakfast, wait for them to have their first feed, put a playmat in your bathroom, wait for that first nap, they're watching cartoons? Go Go mama.

4. Motivation Mama! IF we want something bad enough, we will do it. Set an alarm on your phone, a daily reminder - heck put a sticky note if its your thing on your phone with a cute motivating message for the day, the night before. You do not peel that sticker off until you've gone and taken time for you. Where there is a will, there is a way.

5. Practice Mindfulness. You can read more about this in my previous blog.

6. TAKE YOUR 5 MINUTE MINIMUM MAMA TIME - YOU DESERVE IT. Much like practicing mindfulness, taking a five minute break for you before lunch can really help your day to start off right.