I'm not a regular mum, i'm a cool mum...

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I'm not a regular mum, i'm a cool mum...

Isn't that what we all tell ourselves?
Let's be honest, our kids probably don't think that but at least we sleep better at night thinking it - right? Hahahaha
You know what's hard juggling more than one kid? For the last almost 9 years it has always been just Nyah and I. Since Kehlani has come along, and with this new Covid World it has really shaken up our household. I've probably become the most housebound that I have ever been in my life. I used to be the mama that worked 8-6 and on weekends, when I wasn't working we were out adventuring never spending a minute home except for the late nights when Nyah and I would have dinner and go to bed.
I realised once Nyah's behaviour started playing up more and more, that I needed to really try to set more time for her and just for her, because I needed to learn now how to do it with two. I honestly realised that I just needed to be a big kid again, I needed to find activities that allowed me to be involved in Nyah's world again. I think since being pregnant, suffering from all of my HG (Hyperemis Gravadium) and now these four months with Kehlani - I am no longer adventurous or playful.
I decided to get the skateboard & penny boards out and go spend a couple of hours outside skating with Nyah and teaching her just how to balance. (Somehow I managed to learn again myself how to ride a board - it's been years since I've tried, but I can snowboard, so that probably helped). It was so fun hanging out and being a kid, it was a nice break from my current stresses of the world, and it was also good to just get some adventure and fun back into our souls. Thankfully Storm was home and able to take my mama reigns with Kehlani so that we were able to get out in the street.
Nyah said when she's on the board, with the wind in her hair she feel's like she's flying.
I have days where I feel like I am failing as a mother, juggling two little worlds now. Days where I have parenting wins, like this one. Days where my laundry is piling up, my dishes aren't done and my hairs a mess, but then those days where it's tidy and I've managed to do my hair and makeup. The fact is being a parent - you don't always get everything 100%. I was probably failing in Nyah's eyes these last months with everything that has been going on and it took just one day and one idea to turn it around.

I find it so hard to find activities to do now, especially when she is becoming "Too cool and sassy" for this mama.
So if you have any ideas, chuck them in the comments! With the way the world is now turning, into some futuristic AI world where screen time seems to be more important than spending valuable time creating precious memories and living life to its fullest potential. My advice to you today, mama, daddy, whoever or whatever you may be in some little persons life.


If you fall who cares, if you suck, who cares. Because that small memory with them could be absolutely amazing. IF YOU'RE INDOORS - PLAY WITH THOSE DOLLS, GET ON THE FLOOR AND JUST PLAY, BAKE THOSE COOKIES, LEARN A NEW DANCE... Do something that doesn't involve technology and get back to making memories where your kids will think you're the 'bees knees' right.
AND IF YOU DON'T HAVE KIDS - WHO CARES! You should be out in the world doing whatever you can to make your soul full and happy.