Let me share with you our labour story...

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Let me share with you our labour story...

Just when you think you're only going in to have the balloon done and have a sleep overnight, then surprise! You end up in a birthing suite with a drip in your arm, ready to have your baby - just an hour later....
We went off to the hospital for a balloon to be inserted at 3.00 pm. When we arrived I was told that I didn’t need it and that my cervix was favourable. They were going to wait until the morning to induce me, but instead they ended up taking me straight to a birthing suite, at this point I was laughing with complete nervousness and boy did everyone know how nervous I was. I had only a few hours sleep the night before. I had my waters broken and they started my induction with hormones at 6pm on the 10th of March 2020. We went for around 6 hours of inconsistent painful contractions (3-4 per 10 minutes).

When I was finally reaching 4 consistent per 10 minutes (active labour) - which started around 12am on the 11th of March 2020. I had no pain relief right up to when I needed the gas, yes I tried to be a hero but let’s be honest
labour fucking hurts

An hour into active labour followed by an epidural around 2ish (luckily as when it started to work - I was ready to push). It took two hours of pushing, when the doctor needed to come assist in the delivery. I was told they would try forceps and I needed to give it my all in one more contraction or I would need to be taken to theatre. We did it! I got her out. She was born at 4.59am that morning and yes I had to get stitches, the recovery now is still quite painful but I’m luckily enough to have
Storm being so supportive at the hospital and at home with us, now that we are home. It makes so much of a difference when you have that support.
“I just remember looking at her when they put her on my chest, and I started crying and I looked over at Storm and he was crying too. I think it was that exact moment I knew nothing else mattered in that moment.”

The best advice I learnt from my childbirth classes teacher
was that if they press any buttons to call for a team to help - to close your eyes. This happened twice, first when they were about to run me to emergency theatre. Then again when I started haemorrhaging and lost just under a litre of blood (thankfully no more).